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Fiona Connor & Michala Paludin

Newspaper Reading Club
Christchurch Poster Project

For this iteration of Newspaper Reading Club, Fiona Connor and Michala Paludan invited eleven Christchurch locals to meet and read aloud from a newspaper or periodical of their choosing. The activity articulates the familiar process of skimming, commenting and editing that occurs when processing the news. Each reading has been transcribed, produced as a poster and pasted up in the location where the reading took place, returning these personalised news documents to public space.

Like never before, reading the news in Christchurch is critically important for understanding the politics and power relationships shaping the rebuild. With burgeoning online news forums (both official and grassroots platforms), and the decline of long-form investigative journalism in New Zealand, it is timely to consider the state of the news within our knowledge-based economy.

Established in 2011, Newspaper Reading Club is an ongoing collaborative project that takes form variously as performances, posters, radio broadcasts and publications. The project considers how people access the news and engage with current affairs.

October 2015

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