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Victoria McIntosh

Jeweller and Artist

“David Clarke is often cited as one of Britain’s most highly innovative silversmiths. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997, Clarke has produced a wealth of covetable objects that have proven pivotal in the renaissance of contemporary British silversmithing. Clarke has a well-earned reputation for producing engaging, intelligent and challenging domestic objects.”
Contemporary Applied Arts http://www.caa.org.uk

The Jan Warburton Charitable Trust enabled me to attend the David Clarke workshop held at the Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland in September 2015.
‘Landscape of the Table’ was a three-day workshop given by the renowned English silversmith David Clarke. It promised to be fast paced, experimental and fun and did not fail to deliver on all accounts.
Clarke’s approach to taking a workshop was as off the wall as his own work – refreshing, direct and challenging.
I came home inspired and excited about where this new body of work could take me.

August 2015

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