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Ruth Buchanan is an artist from Aotearoa New Zealand who lives in Berlin. She works across exhibition making, writing, design, publishing, and teaching. Her work draws out the contested and dynamic relationship between the body, power, language and the archive. This process of contesting often relates closely to the types of relationships that standardised infrastructures, such as archives, libraries, and museums create between our bodies and society at large and actively asks how these relationships could be otherwise.

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New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist Ruth Buchanan is staging a major exhibition at Adam Art Gallery at Victoria University of Wellington. For this she has invited two German artists: Judith Hopf and Marianne Wex to show their work alongside her. She has chosen to work with two women artists to bring together three generations of practitioners who each in their different ways examine how society and its systems ‘produce’ us and to bring a gendered perspective to this issue. She is transforming the building into a series of encounters with objects, images, and words, working not only as an artist but as curator and designer. For more information visit

Ruth Buchanan: Projects
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