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Artspace develops and nurtures artistic research and critical debate around contemporary art at a national and international level through the commissioning and production of an innovative programme of exhibitions and events, and though its wide ranging support of experimental and risk-taking practices. The Jan Warburton Charitable Trust is connected to Artspace through its close support for special projects and through ongoing funding of the Artspace workshop.

Special projects supported by Jan Warburton to date have been the rice and beans residency and exhibition in 2011/12 and the Hermes lack of words exhibition and publication in 2013. The Artspace workshop began in 2012 with Jan Warburton as a founding supporter. It is the perfect place to test ideas, make messy mistakes, prefabricate display structures and create artworks for exhibition. The space also supports our ability to receive and safely handle crated art works from major international artists like Peter Friedl. To date the workshop has significantly shaped and extended the ambition of all of our projects with a particular impact upon the recent exhibition a hollow action, a room held together by letters by Andrew Kennedy and Blaine Western.

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