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Established in 1994, Gasworks is a non-profit contemporary visual art organisation working at the intersection between UK and international practices and debates. We provide studios for London-based artists; commission emerging UK-based and international artists to present their first major exhibitions in the UK; and develop a highly-respected international residencies programme, which offers rare opportunities for international artists to research and develop new work in London. All programmes are accompanied by events and participatory workshops that engage audiences directly with artists and their work.

Gasworks programmes up to sixteen residencies each year, inviting emerging international artists to work alongside a community of nine London-based peers for three months. Residencies are non-prescriptive and process-based and focus on enabling artists to research and develop new work on their own terms in a supportive environment. Made public through events and Open Studios, these opportunities encourage interaction and dialogue between international artists and audiences in London.

The residency is co-organised by Jan Warburton Charitable Trust and Stephanie Post, with the support of the NZ Friends of Gasworks, in collaboration with British Council New Zealand.



Indonesian New Zealand artist Sriwhana Spong's practice, language, sound, and bodies function as both subject matter and medium. While Spong's earlier work examined histories of the so-called East through the lens of Euro-American exoticisation, her later sculptures, films, and performances have focused on the body and its relationship to history, place, and time, drawing the artist into the orbit of women she refers to as 'mystic writers'.



Residency for New Zealand Artist 2017Gasworks is happy to announce that the organisation’s 2017 New Zealand Residency has been awarded to Katrina Beekhuis, who will research and develop new work in London between 2 October and 18 December this year.Katrina Beekhuis creates installations using objects or structures which are embedded, aligned or enmeshed with the physical space they inhabit. Conceptually tenuous, they seep between the world of the everyday and the rarefied art object, softening demarcations between original/model, abstract/concrete and painting/sculpture. Katrina is interested in understanding how perception is shaped in the world and how value and meaning accrue. Her research looks at whether these perceptual changes are external or internal to the object or a tangled interchange of both.During her residency at Gasworks, Katrina will develop a series of floor-based works using her previous work Lino floor mat (Agnes Martin) (2016) as a point of departure. She will research historical works which cross ontological boundaries, as both everyday thing and art work. Through this research, she will attempt to understand how something thin, abstract and hard to pin down with language, can effectively articulate a social or political gesture; how this doubt, doubling-back or non-specificity may offer something closer to lived experience, and be more robust, than something unequivocal and distinct. Katrina Beekhuis lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. Recent exhibitions include, Potters pink, Te Tuhi Centre For The Arts; grammars, Dunedin Public Art Gallery; Soft Architecture, Malcolm Smith Gallery (all 2016); and Movement toward and away, Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland (2015). She was awarded The Iris Fisher Scholarship by Te Tuhi Centre For The Arts, Auckland and The Fowlds Memorial Prize for distinction within the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, The University of Auckland.






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